• 2022 is off to a good start with new PhD students Vuyelwa Ngwenya and Jingyun Wu, Honours students Luke Hemmingsen (co-supervised with Jamie Hicks) and Bailee Smith (co-supervised with Nick White) and undergraduate project student Ashna Gera joining the group!
  • Our collaborative work on designing aluminate ligands has been published in Dalton Transactions.
  • Read about Michael and Peter’s work with Zn in our invited Aust. J. Chem. paper.
  • Luke Hemmingsen has joined the lab as an undergraduate project student, and Peter Hall returns to start his PhD.
  • Jingyun Wu has joined the group for her Honours project and Thomas Lee has joined for an undergraduate research project
  • Our first postdoc, Michael Stevens, has joined the lab from Dr Vicki Blair’s group at Monash University. Welcome Michael!